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Lausanne utility, Services Industriels de Lausanne, has financed via "Fond Efficacité Energetique" the development of Aurora’s Grid 1.0. This project started on June 2016 and it is finishing on April 2018. The main results of this project are: the investment cost of a battery storage system can be reduced up to 20% while its ageing reduced up to 40%. Aurora’s Grid 1.0 has been tested in a simulated enviromments with real measurement of photovoltaic production and load consumption of different buildings located in Lausanne down-town.

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Within the REel-DEMO project funded by OFEN, Aurora's Grid will provide ageing and life cycle assesment of stationary batteries (4.5 MWh) for power grid applications (frequency control, voltage control, etc). The project started last June 2017 and it will end December 2020.

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Aurora’s Grid is honoured to announce the grant of 367’680 CHF received from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE for the project ECOBATTEM: Eco-friendly and Ageing-Aware Energy Management Software for Li-ions Batteries.

The main deliverable of this project will be an energy management software (EMS) for Li-ions battery storage systems. The EMS will control the batteries ageing with the goal of extending their lifetime and reduce their overall CO2 impact. The software will be validated within June 2019 in three different smart-buildings/microgrids equipped with a rooftop PV plant.

The partners supporting and participating in the ECOBATTEM Pilot project are:

  • Leclanché SA, a Leading Li-ion cells manufacturer,
  • The Energy Institute at the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg (HEIA-FR) and the University of Applied Sciences in Yverdon (HEIG-VD);
  • The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Sciences and Technology Empa.

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